Honeywell’s handmade pies

I think as northerners we have a particular affiliation when it comes to pies! We know a good one when we see and taste it! It’s got to have deliciously buttery pastry at the perfect thickness and just the perfect amount of yummy, great quality filling to satisfy our pie cravings! Life is too short for a bad pie!

As a family of excellent home cooks and bakers, with a wealth of fabulous ingredients right at our finger tips, we decided it would be profoundly silly of us not to make our own pies and sell them in our farm shop! So that’s just what we did!

When we extended our farm shop in 2006, we added a fantastic professional kitchen that allowed us to practise our pie making skills to our hearts content! We took on Karen, a very talented chef with a love for wholesome ingredients and family member Alex, newly qualified as a pastry chef, made just the perfect team and still does today! Karen’s keen eye for flavour and Alex’s excellent pastry making skills make for a wonderful combination and the proof really is in the pudding, or should that be pie! They are one of our best selling products, with our Chicken and Ham pie consistently winning awards of excellence!

We have a great range of homemade pies on offer, from deliciously chunky, slow cooked steak pies, sumptuous chicken and ham, traditional cheese and onion made with locally produced delicious Tasty Lancashire Cheese and buttery slow cooked onions to our decadent venison and game pies!

Next time you call in, don’t just take our word for it, do pick one up, they really are delicious! Perfect for an easy midweek meal and made with love and care!


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