Honeywell’s Family Farm

As you’ll already know we are very much a family business! But what you may not be aware of is that we have our own family farm with a small herd of beef cattle! Our farm along with a small number of hand selected local beef farmers, produce all the beef that we sell.

We are all heavily involved in all aspects of the business but none more so than our farm! Anyone with any knowledge of farming will know that it is a 24 hour, 365 days a year job! But it’s a labour of love nonetheless!

As a family we have deep roots in all things farming, Grandparents from all sides of the family were famers and passed on the wealth of their priceless knowledge! So naturally we decided to start rearing our own small herd, with the premise that we have all the tools there to rear some wonderful top class grass fed cattle, with meat worthy of gracing our counters and leaving our customers repeatedly returning to us for more!

Animal welfare is a big issue for us and rearing our own cattle ensures that they have the best possible quality life before they end up on the plate. We treat them with love and respect and give them the best fuel (grass!) to create top quality meat. We are firm believers that a happy cow makes tasty meat!

As I mentioned earlier, farming is a year round job, with no such thing as a day off! One particular example of this was a couple a years ago when a couple of heifers came to us, already pregnant, with the calves being due sometime around Christmas, a butchers busiest time of year, naturally! Nevertheless the calves arrived safely on Christmas Eve and Christmas day in the presence of an ever vigilant John and Anthony! Of course we named them Noelle and Carole!

Farming is a very hard but rewarding job and one that we really do enjoy being a part of!


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