Brockholes Arms Auction

Since we first went into business in 1970 we have been visiting Brock auction every Tuesday, for their live stock sale. We are now in our 3rd generation buying from Brock Auction starting with Grandad Fran in the early days, followed by Anthony and John and now with Liz, Anthony’s daughter, who can regularly be seen buying there, usually with one her three children in tow!

Paul Keyes based in Salwick and puts his extensive shepherding skills to work producing top quality lambs late into the season. He works in partnership with his son Richard and his team of three sheep dogs.

Alan Thornton

...farms in the fields around Eaves Lane. A traditional shepherd, Alan produces quality lambs for the spring and summer market.

The Kellett Family

...from Pilling, with their distinctively-flavoured Salt Marsh Lamb. Honeywells is proud of our association with the Kelletts, stretching back 35 years!
Of course, it’s not all about the meat. We also offer a selection of 100 carefully-curated cheeses from local and artisan cheesemakers. Please do ask our staff for a morsel to taste and information on where the cheese originates and the taste and texture - from hard to soft, smoked to blue, cow’s milk to goat’s milk, there’s something to please every cheese lover’s palate.