Honeywell Local Suppliers

As well as having our own herd of cattle at Durton Lane Honeywells have a fantastic alliance with many local farmers including John Helme, Paul Keyes, Alan Thornton and Richard Tomlinson.

Firstly we our proud of our own herd of cattle that we rear ourselves at Durton Lane.

Anthony And John Gornal

Our award winning Cattle at Brock Auction

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brock and hwell christmas 017

John Helme is a traditional beef rearer based at Pilling. John grows his own food stuffs and produces the finest finished beef around.

John Helme

Paul Keyes is based in Salwick and puts his extensive shepherding skills to work producing top quality lambs late into the season. He works in partnership with his son Richard and his team of 3 sheep dogs.

Paul and Richard Keyes

Alan Thornton farms in the fields around Eaves Lane. A traditional shepherd Alan produces quality lambs for the spring and summer market.

Alan Thornton